Utilitarian Renaissance Union

An envisioned global union consisting of and supported by cooperative and decentralized organizations, communities, companies and societies across the world. And consisting of entities in the pursuit of radical advancements across all relevant fields. Enabling greater cooperation across the areas of research and development, work, market and more. The goal is to pool together resources in order to help each other and the world in meeting the needs, solving challenges and advancing forward. The mission of this collective intelligence is to explore, express and execute the paths towards the greatest positive impact and prosperity for all and the whole.

The forces of decentralization and cooperativism expand democracy to the economic sphere. Meaning that the economy and companies are owned and run democratically. The wealth of the collective effort is distributed proportionally. Various stakeholders are included in the decision-making process. Stakeholder means any entity that is affected to a meaningful degree and entities that possess the knowledge and skills that can make socioeconomic operations more optimal for the world. So stakeholders can consist of workers, customers, community, independent field-expertise and interdisciplinary expertise. A multi-stakeholder economy includes every relevant entity in order to figure out and execute what’s objectively and reasonably best for the world.

A new world

Better world

Your world.

In the cavalcade of reason

Will we find our home

A home for rebels

Community of yours

Where your greater potential is aligned with the world's

Without decisions of the lords

Cooperative Internationalist. Abstract art.

The underlying philosophy driving this union is utilitarianism, meaning the pursuit of the greatest good for the greatest number of conscious beings across space and time, leveraging the interdisciplinary renaissance spirit.

For you whose sense of self

Is greater than yourself

For those with a life mission of pursuit' of greatest good

For those exploring the points of lever

That will in turn unravel

All further travel

Endless innovation enabled by the system, socioeconomic, eudaimonic

The synthesis of all impactful fields

Exploring, expressing and executing A diverse holism serving Utilitarianism

Further content expressing the vision.

Your better world. Abstract art.